| History |

Kamous Ariya Co. (Ltd) established as a importer & exporter company in 2004 by President of the company, Dr.Kouros Ahmadi Pour.

Since its foundation , it has grown up outspreads to a high level companies with using of a professional technical, sales and marketing team. Kamous Ariya Co. is one of the leader companies who offers the most comprehensive range of dental and medical products and is responsible for bringing some of the most well known and successful products to Iran market .

| Mission |

Our mission at K.A.C is innovation and providing service beyond expectation , we strive to be the leader in presenting of medical and dental products. We are dedicated to build a long–term relationship with clients through offering the fast and professional service .
Our company's strategic focus is to get customers to market faster , at a lower cost with a higher quality products .
Kamous Ariya concept is based on integrity, openness, honesty respect for customer and at the same time we want to create value through innovation, growth and high hearing power.

| Representatives |
lares Lares Founded in 1956, Lares has become a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of dental equipment. Beginning with dental handpieces and advancing to sophisticated dental lasers, Lares has continued to innovate steadily as it develops a recognized, well respected name in the dental industry. Located in Chico, CA, the Lares manufacturing of high technology, resulting in high quality state of the art dental handpieces, dental lasers and other dental products.
danville Poised to respond to the marketplace in the next millennium, Danville product selection is guided by a design vision with a proven lineup of products that have become industry standards by which many others are judged. Supported by cutting edge computer technology, our engineering staff is one of the most experienced and innovative in the dental manufacturing industry.
defend The DEFEND brand, manufactured by Mydent International, is a broad line of infection control products, disposables, impression material systems and preventatives for the healthcare marketplace. Headquartered in New York and partnered with a state-of-the-art distribution facility in Pennsylvania, Mydent is dedicated to achieving our mission through unparalleled customer relations.
astek STERICON PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED started commercial operations in June 2002.The company was set up initially to manufacture and market Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions. The License was received for the manufacture of Eye/Ear and Nasal Formulations at the end of 2002.The Manufacture, Import and Sale of Contact Lenses in India started from May 2009.
sheervision SheerVision® Inc. designs advanced proprietary surgical loupes the Original FireFly and FireFly Infinity LED head light systems, and offers them at an exceptional value.

We manufacturer the widest product line of loupes including flip-up and through-the-lens (TTL) designs, all of which can be ordered with a prescription as needed. As an industry innovator, SheerVision has quickly earned a reputation for leadership and value in optical technology, supporting the dental and medical market place.
GCP GCP Dental is a Dutch based dental research and development company with a history of over 7 years, and its own marketing and sales department.

The objective of GCP Dental is to improve both the quality of restoratives as well as to eliminate the well-known toxic health issues of existing and worldwide intensively used restoratives.

Our ultimate goal is to create a completely toxic-free dentistry, where both patients as well as dentists can be secured of their health and safety. The GCP Dental current product line comprising molar restoratives and finish, sealants, crown and bridge cements fully meets our aim of quality and safety.

Now and in the future, we will continue to extend our product line with new and innovative high quality toxic-free products for you as a dental professional and for your patients!
Dura DuraMedical Sdn. Bhd. manufacturing processes are capable of producing continuous long lengths of latex sheetings. The sheets are soft and smooth which are of high elasticity with good tensile strength properties. The manufactured sheets come in a wide range of appealing bright colours.
  Flexomatic Sdn Bhd is a company incorporated in Kuala Lumpur and is led by a team of progressive and forward looking business entrepreneurs, with more than 20 years of industrial experience in latex dipped products and application of latex processing machinery.

Website: http://www.flexomatik.com
  raMedical Sdn. Bhd. is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer specialises in latex sheet medical / therapeutic devices such as Dental Dam, Oral Dam, Exercise Band, Exercise Tube, Tourniquet and Customised Latex Sheets.

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